Theology in the Present Age: Essays in Honor of John D. Castelein

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He brilliantly helped me learn to think about all of life from a biblical framework completely engaged with culture. Most importantly, he modeled for me what it meant to live from that perspective. I'm thrilled about these essays by former students and colleagues, which insightfully capture the legacy Dr. Castelein leaves for us all.

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This collection builds on the Stone-Campbell tradition's commitment to theology essentially as biblical interpretation in the context of the church, but does not hold back from exploring new territories not normally engaged in the earlier intellectual history of this tradition. These essays, like the interests of the man, range widely over academic and ecclesiastical subjects.


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Contact Us info wipfandstock. Stay in touch Sign up to be notified of new releases, upcoming events, and special discounts. Terms, Policies, and Security Sitemap. His family moved to Catlin, Illinois when James was in the second grade, where he spent the rest of his childhood and youth. He lived a rather normal childhood, playing baseball with boys in the neighborhood and listening to The Shadow and The Lone Ranger at night on the radio with his family.

He displayed a sharp mind even while in high school, graduating as salutatorian in his class and voted "most likely to succeed" by his fellow students.

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Strauss's father was a Disciples of Christ member and his mother a Baptist, but neither attended church during James' childhood. One day James was invited to the Catlin Church of Christ by a consumer at the grocery store he worked at as a youth.

James D. Strauss

James went, was converted, and brought his parents. Upon his conversion, James' father quit gambling, and, as a consequence, their family grew closer.

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James was mentored by the elders at that church, who taught him Biblical study methods and Greek. Foster and Grayson Ensign. By the time he finished his time as a student, he had collected over hours of graduate credit because his mentor died unexpectedly right before he was about to graduate with his 1st doctorate and the program that he was a part of collapsed, so he had to start over. He earned a B.


He fulfilled his Ph. D candidacy requirements at Indiana University, but due to a change over in the faculty from one year to the next he did not finish the degree.

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He does have a D. Strauss became Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Lincoln Christian Seminary in after working for many years as a pastor. The position had opened up because the professor previously occupying the related position had been released because of the unorthodox views that he held.

The student body at the time protested this move, as the released professor was popular among the students.


Only later, however, did they realize what they had received in return. Strauss went on to very nearly be the seminary, as he taught most of the classes offered in a range of programs. One year the Seminary catalog listed him as teaching forty-seven courses. There is a cassette tape recording from of Dr.