More Than Skin Deep: A Guide to Self and Soul

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Download Now. Jump to Page. Not so long ago, ordinary people reeled in horror from the prospect of breast enlargements and face-lifts: now they are more likely to ask how much it might cost.

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But this book is a sharp reminder that there is enough grotesquery in the cosmetic surgery industry to keep a modern-day Juvenal busy round the clock. The author diligently scrapes away the oily, scented layer of euphemism that its practitioners smear across their work - the endless talk of 'freshening' and 'smoothing' - to expose the grisly reality beneath.

The author accompanies two American women who have seized the opportunity, and describes a trip along a bumpy African dirt road with a bandaged, woozy woman called K whimpering in the back. K has just had a face-lift and is still heavily sedated while dully absorbing the guide's warnings about pilfering monkeys in the safari lodge bedrooms: her sojourn might be testimony to the reckless energy of American women, but it sure doesn't sound like fun.

The author - who is as unsparing on the subject of her own follies as those of others - has the knack of sketching a delightfully waspish pen portrait in a few sentences. There is the doctor whose speciality is the 'foot face-lift' and who injects collagen into the sole of the foot to abate the discomfort of high heels. There is the society woman who flings open her shirt to show Kuczynski the brand new breasts which she has named after her surgeon, with the proud cry: 'Look at my Hidalgos! Kuczynski reveals that Kathleen Cregan, an Irish woman who died after travelling to New York for a face-lift and nose job, was operated on by Dr Michael Evan Sachs: 'one of the most sued doctors in the country, with a jaw-dropping record of 33 settled malpractice suits since '.

Dr Sachs had been frequently favourably displayed in the pages of Elle, Cosmopolitan and W magazine, and even appeared on Oprah, but when his reputation grew shaky in New York, he began to target the largely unquestioning media in Britain and Ireland: Cregan learnt about him through a glowing article in a Sunday paper. It is useful that the author honestly understands the lure of cosmetic treatment, which she has now forsworn.

More than skin deep: where to seek the soul of the city

I would challenge any female reader over 30 not to feel a brief surge of envy when Kuczynski describes how at age 36 she was asked by a suspicious bartender to confirm that she was legally allowed to drink, following a regime of Botox, eye-fat removal and skin-blasting. It becomes clear that such momentary triumphs, however, are pit-stops along a road which has a worrying spiritual hollow at its end.

Find Monica via www. Episode 11 is proudly brought to you by the Make Your Magic Academy. This episode is one of my favourites - I sit down with the amazing Mel Wells, to chat vulnerably about discovering self-love, healing her relationship with food, overcoming perfectionism and stepping into her feminine flow in life and business.

Mel is the living, breathing embodiment of all that she teaches and a woman who has overcome challenges and loss to become truly empowered. Lucy started her business empire Lucy Bee with her dad, because of their shared passion for ethically sourced products. The brand is a family run business driven by ethics and sustainability, being Fair Trade, Organic, Cruelty Free and Vegan.

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We talk about how she has harnessed her confidence through becoming a business owner and how she has remained true to her values and authenticity throughout the process of entrepreneurship. This episode is inspiring, fresh and honest and you'll love it if you're thinking about starting a business but are doubting yourself, scared of being seen or afraid you might fail.

Diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at a young age and with a background in beauty, Lucy channelled her experience, knowledge and passion into the brand, which she is the face of. Episode 9 is a spontaneous solo episode I recorded with an emphasis on advice I give to clients who would like to make a big life change or transformation.

I share the key pieces of advice that I give my clients and that I wish I could tell my younger self. It's easy to feel inspired to make changes when we listen to a great podcast, read a self-help book or attend an event, but how do we make that inspiration translate into permanent action? How do we turn that temporary confidence into lasting results and powerful self-belief, when we go back to our busy, overwhelming real life?

It can be very easy to fall into fear, procrastination, self-sabotage or the "all or nothing" story. In this un-edited I have a coughing attack at some point during it lol , totally impromptu episode I walk you through my own insights into what it is that helps make you truly confident - and it's not what you think. Although I work with clients on many holistic levels energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically this episode is focused mostly on the MENTAL SHIFTS I'd encourage you to "try on" or experiment with, when you're trying to be more confident and take action towards your goals.

I also mention a few resources which I'll link here. Doors officially close July 1 www. In this episode brought to you by The Happiness Planner, I chat with one of my dear friends, Kirsty Gallagher about all things moon magic, lunar living, manifestation and menstruation. An international yoga teacher and founder of the Lunar Living membership, Kirsty shares some powerful insights into how the cyclical wisdom of the moon influences everything from our confidence, emotional state, our sleep quality, the ability to achieve our goals or release pain. This is a great episode for anyone who finds themselves kept up at night during a full moon or for those who are intrigued by the moon and wanting to learn more.

We explore how to work with the new moon, the full moon and the yin and yang phases of the moon cycle, in order to master your confidence, set monthly intentions and manifest your dream life.

SKIN DEEP.. self respect

She also offers transformational soul guidance readings. Find out more about Kirsty here Brought to you by the Happiness Planner, Episode 7 is incredibly authentic, real and raw. I sit down with the beautiful Megan Rose Lane and chat all things motherhood, embracing your body image and postpartum journey, overcoming bulimia and self-judgment, and how vulnerability and authenticity are the doorways to self-confidence. Megan is an entrepreneur, self-love and mental health advocate and first-time mama.

It's her goal to spread the empowering message of self-love to women all over the world. Megan is truly inspirational and speaks from a place of ongoing experience, authenticity and compassion - admitting often that she is also still figuring out self-love as she goes along. This is undeniably one of my favourite episodes to date, and a must-listen for all millennial women who may be struggling with body confidence, the postpartum journey, the fear of judgment or perfectionism.

In this episode brought to you by The Happiness Planner, I catch up with London's leading business coach, speaker, wellness entrepreneur and founder of Welltodo - Lauren Armes. As a self-made successful female entrepreneur, Lauren sheds some light on topics such as manifesting money through changing her beliefs and how she made the transition from a corporate career to entrepreneurship.

So many women would love to start a business or find fulfilling work, but many do not know what their 'purpose' really is or where to start to discover it. We talk about Lauren's own journey through that same confusion, to discovering her passion and commercialising it into the successful company she runs today.

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We also discuss the highs and lows of running your own business, the failures and lessons, and how we both navigate those challenges and continue to push forward doing what we love. If you'd like to explore working with Lauren and the opportunities we discuss, see the links below.

Brought to you by The Happiness Planner, this episode explores and disputes the myth that confidence and happiness can be found in the way we look. Not your typical 'influencer', Olivia vulnerably shares the not-so-glamorous aspects of her journey with anxiety and depression, her personal views on the world of social media and how she has found strong confidence beyond her appearance, false friendships and mental health challenges. They also have mobile and web app for those of you who prefer apps.

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Episode 4 is dedicated to SEX - we're diving into all those juicy, taboo topics that you're dying to know but afraid to ask. I'm chatting to total goddess and female sexual empowerment coach, Asti Maree, about everything from soulful orgasms and crying during sex, to yoni eggs and pleasure wands, plus we explore how body confidence, limiting beliefs, trust issues, self-love and masturbation ALL influence our pleasure and sex lives.

We share a few raw, unfiltered and taboo stories of our own sexual pasts including a trip to the Emergency Room and Asti also talks about how she manages a long-term relationship with her career as a stripper and entrepreneur. Asti truly is so inspiring and has guided hundreds of women to claim a true sense of fulfilment, contentment, worthiness and desire by tapping into their feminine, sensual and sexual energy from within.

This woman is the real deal and I can't wait for you to hear her wisdom. Do you want to call in your soulmate? Are you sick of attracting the same toxic relationships? Would you love to attract a healthy, soulful relationship - where you aren't worried, paranoid or playing games?